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Apr 10/17

Blogging & SEO Go Hand in Hand !

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Blogging and SEO form the backbone of content marketing since static web pages alone is insufficient to bring you traffic, leads, and sales, or develop your brand.

Search engine traffic is valuable and the listing near the top of Google can deliver more traffic than banner ads, email, and print media as well. Content creation is the first step towards better ranking. Creative blogging consistently makes your site active and eager to be found. Optimizing the pages is the next step for obtaining higher ranking. On-page and off-page search optimization complement business blogging really well. However blogging is about building a readership and effectively engaging an audience by developing authority in your industry.

Know why SEO and blog content writing is considered as a marketing strategy and how leveraging them can be beneficial.

Boost Web Traffic

Several surveys determined the impact of website traffic in inbound marketing activities and business blogging. Companies with 51+ website pages was found to get 48% more traffic when compared to those that publish 15+ blog posts monthly. B2C (business to consumer) companies monitored a 59% increase in traffic once they grow their blog repertoire from 100 articles to 200.

Improve Search Engine Rankings

Better overall website rankings is another major benefit of SEO and blogging. Sites that blog often on trending topics, tend to have a higher PageRank and content freshness is a key to Google ranking factor.

A good link profile which can be achieved through ‘white hat’ search engine optimization, web blogging and the quality and quantity of links to and from a site give website rankings a nudge in the right direction. Off-page optimization methods like blog commenting, review article writing, and link baiting are effective concentrating on quality and relevance.

Generate Sales Leads

B2B and B2C companies with websites containing 100+ pages generate 2.5x more leads when compared to those with 50 or less. More inbound links and more social media interaction may lead businesses to significantly more sale leads. On-page optimization provides an opportunity to make your pages easier to crawl, so as to show up in SERPs and draw higher traffic. On the other hand off-page SEO drives traffic from other sources, which can also help in achieving better rank.

Establish Authority

If you are a constant content creator who creates genuinely helpful content, then you can establish authority which in turn can improve customer retention, land you sales, and attract referral clients.

SEO also helps to build authority in every high-quality guest post you write or press release you distribute or forum thread you create conveys that you are expert in your field. In addition, if your site appears in the SERPs often, there is the brand recall benefit.

Blogging and Optimizing

The biggest challenges in the field of blogging and optimizing are time and resources. Outsourcing is a good solution to find a good blog writing service or SEO specialists, and the additional cost will be justified once you see the returns. Another option is to hire an in-house team to handle your online marketing, even though its expensive.